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For over 25 years, Response Law has provided its clients with a vast library of customized trainings that can easily be delivered in live or virtual fashion and allows for the ability to mix and match subject matter content from any course which can be compiled into a single presentation. Clients have the option of determining the length, progression, and format of each training.

Response Law provides a vast array of consultation services throughout the country. Our goal is not to economically burden the client with a line item hourly rate but instead, determine a feasible flat fee based upon the scope of work presented.

Through its technology partner, CLPS, Response Law has the ability to offer clients state-of-the-art safety-based
technology. CLPS is a full-service SaaS (Software as a Service) consulting firm that embraces all aspects of dealing with threats to people and the environment within which they operate. CLPS provides professional consulting services and licenses risk and threat management, emergency communication, and security software solutions across multiple industries.

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For information, availability and pricing call Margaret Kowal at (302) 893-4615, email, or contact us below. We will work out a guaranteed flat price including all expenses.