Response Law’s consultations can be provided via phone, virtual format, email, or in person depending upon the nature of the request, including dealing with real-time situations. Our consultation services include but are not limited to:

Infrastructure Protection

Vulnerability Assessments for Facilities and Grounds
Internal Safety Audits
Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Electronic Conversion of Building Plans for Dissemination to Law Enforcement and Fire Personnel
Legal Review and Analysis of Daily Operations

Personnel Protection

Consultation on "Real-Time" Situational Emergencies and Issues
Identifying Individuals at Risk—Recognition and Response
Internet Safety Curriculum Development
Crisis/Suicide Prevention
Mental Health and Anti-Social Behavior: Recognition, Tracking, and Reporting
Developing and Conducting Cost-Effective and Time-Restricted Tabletop Drills
Development and Analysis of all Safety Plans, Policies, and Procedures
Response Procedures and Checklists for Dealing with Bomb Threats
How to Acquire and Utilize Cost Effective Security Technology: Video Surveillance Systems, Locking Systems, Metal Detectors, Communication Devices
How to Control Individuals through Communication and Training: Establishing a Legally Protective Reporting System, Developing Training Forums, Instituting Tabletop Drills, and Creating a Supervisory Staff for Staging Areas during Critical Incidents
Strategic Legal Language for Press Releases, Website, Social Media, and Internal Memos

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Response Law provides a vast array of consultation services throughout the country. Our goal is not to economically burden the client with a line item hourly rate but instead, determine a feasible flat fee based upon the scope of work presented.