Safety Software Support

Services and software are specifically designed to help schools, businesses, and public and private sector organizations meet the complex security challenges of the 21st century. CLPS implements its programs through a three-prong approach: preparedness, prevention, and protection incorporated into the most critical areas of threat assessment and management:


CLPS provides the best-in-industry software solutions for risk management, threat assessment, and emergency preparedness.


CLPS’ deep domain subject matter experts provide critical awareness and response training based on the National Incident Command System (NIMS). Our team has extensive, on-the-ground experience in law enforcement, crisis response, and emergency management.


Response Law, LLC, is the legal training partner for CLPS which utilizes the combined skills gained from not only the trial arena but also from in-depth involvement in incident command and critical response that enables Response Law to provide our clients with risk reduction measures to reduce liability exposure, including legal review of all internal policies and procedures. All software solutions are designed to meet the legal mandates in every state.