Contracted Consultant and Trainer for SIFNJ

Response Law is now a contracted consultant and trainer for Statewide Insurance Fund of New Jersey (SIFNJ), a company which brings together public entities and officials interested in competitively priced, comprehensive property and casualty insurance protection as well as risk management methods.

Recent Two-Day Threat Management Course in Fairfax, VA

Response Law recently conducted a two-day threat management system course for Fairfax County, Virginia, executives who are responsible for the safety of over 12,000 employees and 400 buildings in the county.  Fairfax County is the primary security backup for all events occurring in Washington, DC, planned or unanticipated.

Keynote Speaker at Virginia Law Enforcement Executive Forum

Dr. More was honored to be a keynote speaker at the Virginia Law Enforcement Executive Forum at which he conveyed the training elements that had been delivered throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia to law enforcement and emergency management agencies regarding response to large civil disturbances.  This session was not only attended by law enforcement in Virginia but also those directly involved in the response to the January 6, 2021, incident at the United States Capitol.

Online Training Courses

COMING SOON:  Response Law is working with CLPS to produce online training courses on an MLS platform that are not only affordable and accessible but also capture the essence of Dr. More’s succinct and engaging delivery that makes all content easy to understand and retain.  STAY TUNED!

Announcing Partnership with CLPS

Response Law is proud to announce its partnership with CLPS (Crisis, Leadership, Preparedness, Solutions) Consultancy Group, a renowned national software as a service consulting firm that embraces all aspects of safety and security solutions.  Response Law will serve as the firm’s national legal consultant and trainer.

Water Rescue for the Law Enforcement Officer Course

Response Law launched its “Water Rescue for the Law Enforcement Officer” course for Vernon Township, New Jersey, police officers, providing the legal and tactical aspects of water rescue entry and recovery.

Critical School Safety Training in Oklahoma

Response Law recently provided critical school safety training to the Bixby, Oklahoma, School District and Police Department.

Continued Consulting and Training Services for Joint Insurance Funds

Response Law continues to provide consult and training services for the Monmouth and Ocean County, New Jersey, Joint Insurance Funds.

Upcoming Presentations for 2022

In addition to the national legal and consult work Response Law performs, look for specific presentations in the coming year for the states of Indiana, California, Florida, Oklahoma, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Dr. More’s Keynote in Virginia Becomes Hauntingly Prophetic in Florida School Shooting

Reducing the Risk of School Violence Starts Local and Stays Local In August of 2017, while delivering a keynote speech to over 600 school and police personnel, Dr. More uttered these words: While active shooter response and recovery training will always be critical, we must apply an equal amount of effort to creating an early warning information sharing system among mental health professionals, law enforcement, and school personnel regarding any potential school violence threat. – John More, JD This message was reiterated as recently as February 9th of this year to over 200 school and law enforcement personnel during a

Cops and Districts Talk Safety in New Jersey

by Kevin Pentón, Asbury Park Press,  4/13/13 SPRING LAKE, NJ — Simply hiring someone armed with a gun likely won’t be enough to deter a school shooting, an expert on the subject told more than 100 education and law enforcement officials on Friday. Should districts go the route of armed guards in schools, officials should ensure those coming in to work in those roles have the demeanor and the training to interact with students, the best resource for knowing potential problems, said the expert, John More, during a seminar organized by the Monmouth County Police Chiefs Association. “It’s a waste of

The Searching of Students’ Electronic Devices by School Administrators: The New Normal

School districts all over the country are scrambling to keep up with the burdensome task of regulating the use of electronic devices by students inside their school zones.  From Smartphones to iPads to laptops, these personal items have a reduced expectation of privacy inside a school zone and may be subject to search and confiscation. In today’s world, a school’s best friend lies in the clarity of its search and seizure policy for these types of devices.  When formulating such a policy, there are some key areas to consider: Define the Intent of Your Search:  The search is normally triggered

Police Chiefs Host School Violence Seminar

by Caren Caterina, The Coast Star, 4/18/13 SPRING LAKE, NJ — When it comes to protecting children, police and school officials will go through great lengths to keep them safe. Last Friday, the Monmouth County Police Chiefs Association [MCPCA] held a training seminar on legal strategies for dealing with potential school violence. The two-hour method and strategy session, which was held at The Breakers on the Ocean, here, was given by John “Chip” More, the president and CEO of Response Law, a Neptune City-based company that provides legal training for police, schools, fire and EMS agencies. Mr. More presented strategic legal