Response Law provides strategic methods backed by relevant state law and customized to your specific environment.  Our interactive trainings can be delivered via in person, webinar, online, and/or video conference format.


Our school trainings embrace all critical topics including but not limited to the legal rights of school administrators, dealing with challenging students and parents, behavior management, special education and 504 instruction, as well as strategic interaction with law enforcement.

Law Enforcement:

These trainings define the legal rights and protection of school resource officers, the legal aspects of custody, interrogation, search and seizure as well as K-9 and body-worn camera operations.

Fire and EMS Personnel:

Response Law provides legally protective methods for administration and ground operations including duty of care and documentation issues for all command staff and crews as well as OEM coordinators and arson investigators.

Government Agencies and Private Business Sector/Houses of Worship:

Response Law focuses on early warning threat assessment training and workplace violence prevention and response methods for all supervisory, staff, employees, and volunteers.

Our focus is on your legal rights and how far you can go within the boundaries of your internal regulations and your state’s laws. The trainings are replete with strategies and techniques that are designed to enhance the effectiveness of your operations while reducing risk and legal challenge including succinct protective legal language for your policies and standard operating procedures.

Response Law’s library of cutting-edge and customized trainings include but are not limited to the following risk management areas:

How to Develop & Maintain an Effective & Sustainable Threat Management System
Strategic Best Practice Guidelines for Critical Incident Planning & Response, Including Active Shooter
Legally Protective Steps for Managing the Ongoing COVID-19 Crisis
Managing the School-Police Environment: A Legal Roadmap for Solutions
How to Manage & Defuse Challenging & Confrontational Individuals
Safety Information Sharing: How to Share Critical Life & Health Information without Violating the Confidentiality Laws of HIPAA, FOIA, & FERPA
Strategic Documentation Methods that Reduce the Risk of Personal Liability Exposure & Withstand Legal Challenge
School Violence Prevention & Mitigation Techniques
Suspicious Behavior Recognition & Response: System Development in Liaison with Law Enforcement
Large Event Security Planning
How to Establish & Maintain an Effective Memorandum of Agreement with Law Enforcement & All Other First Responders
Managing the Media Before, During, & After a Crisis

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For over 25 years, Response Las has provided its clients with a vast library of customized trainings that can easily be delivered in live or virtual fashion and allows for the ability to mix and match subject matter content from any course which can be compiled into a single presentation.  Clients have the option of determining the length, progression, and format of each training.