John L. More, JD

President & CEO

Dr. More’s forte lies in providing a simple, practical, and strategic legal roadmap for all things operational replete with case scenarios that bring the reality of the courtroom to the daily procedures and challenges his clients must deal with.

About John

Dr. John L. More is the President and CEO of Response Law, LLC. He served as an insurance defense litigator in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, for 18 years specializing in defending government entities, law enforcement agencies, and schools at all levels of civil court.

Dr. More leads a dual life as he has served for the last 45 years as a volunteer in emergency medical services, water rescue, and emergency management.


For the last 24 years, Dr. More has served as an incident commander of a large-scale incident task force in New Jersey, which he founded.

Dr. More is a much sought after legal instructor and consultant for government leaders, police chiefs, and school superintendents. By example, he continues to serve as a senior legal consultant and trainer for the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.

Dr. More has authored several publications, including but not limited to first responder operations and school-police interaction. Example: Dr. More authored the “Safety Information Sharing Guide” for the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services.